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Declaration of Sorrow

A Declaration of Sorrow to all descendants of Slaves and Native Americans and those hurt by past discriminations.

Final Reparations

To make amends, let us auction off portions of federal lands in small lots, those that don't have a large tourist or ecological value, thence, allowing all descendants of Slaves and Native-Americans a division of the proceeds.


Protecting America from the international deep state.  Protecting American Workers.

IRS No More

The IRS is a predatory dinosaur of the 20th century and can easily be buried for good: And this is how to do it.

Federal Reserve Banksters

De-fanging the private banking monopoly and ending "fake money" printing.  How the Lusk Mesh Clutch works. Negative "credit" to positive "money."

WE Don't Need No Thought Control

Education--Yes        Thought Control--No

Hookers Have Hearts Too

How legalizing an immoral collaboration can clean up an industry that has always been around since the beginning of history.


The beauty of international tariffs~the bane of interstate tariffs.

Kiss My Grits! Those Tips Are Mine!

Stop the discriminating practice of paying less than minimum wage to wait staff, agriculture workers and childcare workers.

Deluge: Put a Number on it!

Cap migration into the United States at 500,000 per year.  Favor english speaking and bilingual applicants.

100+ Mile Wide Hole

No highway checkpoint on Tex-Mex border.  Oversight or on purpose?

Gimme Back My Bullets

The illogic of denying ex-felons a gun.

Mary Jane and Cocaine

The benefits of taking marijuana and hard narcotics off the federal crimes list


How freedom to practice designated holistic healthcare with tort damage caps can devastate high healthcare costs.

Pro-Life with exception

Moving the needle towards pro-life and loving unborn life. What we can feasibly accomplish at this juncture.

Gun Rights Are Unalienable

All adults have unalienable rights to semi-automatic firearms.

No Such Agency and CIA

Cleaning up and Clearing out William Harding Jackson's N.S.A. and C.I.A

Copyrights & Patents

How shortening copyright & patent times as allowed under The Constitution will benefit the United States.

Some Like It Hot!

Dial-up money velocity (turning on the heat), slightly increase m3 (putting on a head of steam), add one cube of silver (for taste and stability).

My Pawns Are Stuck

NGOs and GOs' subversive land grabs disguised as "conservation."

Wonder Woman Squadron, USS Lollipop & Gay Brigade

How separating the sexes and orientations would build a more cohesive military.

Energy & Natural Resourses

Can cryogenic processing relieve our energy crisis?

Beam Me Up Scottie (Trump)

Space Superiority a must for United States Independence.

No More Gold Mine ! No More Shaft !

     Alimony is not a State's Right. Indentured slavery is over.  The United States labor force has been  liberated for decades.

Refund Obamacare Penalty

Return to taxpayers all unconstitutional Obamacare no insurance penalties paid.


No need for the entangling alliance called NATO

Building A Smart Wall

Having Lived on the Tex-Mex Border for 12 Years, I've  thought a lot about the type of Wall America Needs.

Campaign Finance Reform

Combating Super-PACS with More Freedom.

Clean Coal

Scrub the Sulfur not the CO2.  Set environmental wack-jobs straight.

Nazi piker

Investigate George Soros hire-a-mob funding.

18 Years Aged

  Make 18 years the uniform age of responsibility and adult freedoms under Federal Law.

International Commerce

  The United States will do it's Part to keep all sea lanes open for international commerce.

United Nations Buggery

 Public Discussion Round Tables are fine, however, the United States will not recognize "International Law" or any "international governing body."

United States War Independence

The United States will not subject any soldier to any command other than one given by a United States military officer.

Pay for Play

Investigate the Hill&Bill slush fund called The Clinton Foundation.

East Bound And Down

Southern Georgia Could Use A New Highway.

Jesuit Order

Seditious Subterfuge by the Catholic Apex.

Defending the United States from Islam

How to distinguish a religion from a subversive political regime.

International Corporate Law misnomer

 There is no jurisprudence given to "International Corporate Law" under the United States Constitution.

FISA Court Abuse

Bad Guys With The Rubber Stamps.

Puerto Rico

End The Mish Mash And Make Puerto Rico the 51st State.


We support H.R. 2559 which will audit the Gold or lack thereof for the first time in 65 years.

Estate Tax

We support completely ending the Federal Estate Tax scheme.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Cut the U. S. Department of Education and save $68 Billion dollars per year.  All education is local.

Termite Limits

Fumigate the House and Senate.  We propose a term limit of two terms each for both the House and Senate members.

Non-Profit Disclosures

We support mandatory salary and wage postings of all non-profits at all locations for the sake of public disclosure.

Ten Years Max In The Federal Pen

We support the longest penalty of incarceration in a Federal Prison to be 10 years and also support speedy execution for heinous crimes.

Social Security

We support full Social Security Benefits for our seniors.

Congressional Pensions

We support the complete elimination of Congressional pensions.

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