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100+ Mile Wide Hole

     Between Alpine, Texas and near Del Rio, Texas there are no highway checkpoints established by the Border Patrol. This is a 100+ mile stretch. Any illegal persons, workers, terrorists or contraband making it to highway 90 and meeting a ride has a clear shot up open highway 285 to anywhere in the Country.  I've been told it is policy of the Border Patrol not to stop anybody on the highway without probable cause. Careful drivers do not get caught.  Millions of dollars were spent on a regional border patrol headquarters in Sanderson, Texas, but not one dollar was spent on a highway checkpoint.  There is not one linear inch of wall on this 100+ mile stretch.  The terrain is very walkable, don't let the fake news fake you out.  I lived in the area 12 years 2005-20017.  Why no checkpoint? How dumb is that?  Nobody is that dumb.

     So, one has to ask, was this done on purpose?  The answer is: of course it was.  Administration after administration have been vying for open borders; either for political votes  or for cheap labor and power for globalist corporations seeking world governance by themselves for themselves.  It is time to close the border to massive immigration and to protect American jobs.  All new arrivals compete for jobs and lower wages all around.  Even an illegal does not want a newer illegal to take their job or lower their wage.  American jobs and the United States must come first.  Forget about writing a congress person, nothing happens.  Nothing ever happens when you depend on weaklings, yes there are moral weaklings in Congress.  Concerned Americans must run for office in all districts,  it is vital.  As your congressman,  I will build a complete wall, every inch.  As your congressman, I will employ the Marines, move bases near the Mexican border, use imminent domain,  use the Army Corp of Engineers, use college interns from West Point, VMI and the Citadel. Literally thousands of Mexican day workers entering the Country can be used as leverage against a corrupt Mexican government.  I do not mind calling the Mexican government corrupt because it IS thoroughly corrupt.

     You can do a quick internet search and prove to yourself that everything I am saying is true.  Why hasn't the news media told you?  Why hasn't your democrat congressman told you?  Why hasn't he sponsored a bill for wall funding?  He certainly has been in office long enough.  This must stop.   Matthew  5/30/19

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