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Final Reparations

     Reparations are probably the best way to bring financial closure to those wrongfully damaged people of times past. Since when does the statute of limitations run out on slavery and murder?  It doesn't. Reparations on the whole will unite Americans together in Brotherhood and Sisterhood. 

     The Federal Government is not Constitutionally endowed to be a massive land holder.  It is much more palatable to the electorate to auction off Federal lands and then distribute those proceeds than to float bonds and distribute the proceeds from the  increasing xx trillion dollar Treasury debt bomb. 

     It is best to put the shameful dog of slavery and genocide to sleep- though never forgetting  past injustices.

     Some critics may say "Well, I'm white; I grew up in a shack and went to the same school, and I get nothing, it's not fair. " but this is a bit illogical because reparations are amends--not a hand-out. The natural and legal flow of this inheritance is passed down to descendants. It is not a competition between races.  It is compensation for past damages. When a race flourishes, it is to the benefit of all races.  All races are a creation of God; He loves them all.  Some past hiring quotas were a beginning of amends, reparations are a final amends.   Black and Native Americans ancestors have invested in those Federally possessed lands, it is time to pay the dividends.

      Of some of the federal lands that I've seen, I believe 15% of the George Washington National Forest, 50% of the Jefferson National Forest and 75% of the Big Bend National Park will suit this purpose.  I'm sure at least three times this amount can be found in other areas of the Country. 

      Small lots of 5 to 50 acres will be ideal sizes to bring the highest prices, and as a side benefit will relieve pressure for new homesites allowing entry level young people, or those starting over, or those newly arrived purchasable land lots for a place of their own.Matt 3-29-19


     How to distribute?    There will be a voluntary application process, where in order to receive funds from the auction proceeds,  claimants swear under oath that they are "to a  degree" Black (having their particular line of ancestry or a piece thereof established in the United States before 1970) or Native-American (having their particular line of ancestry or a piece thereof established in the United States before 1970.)  The proceeds will be divided evenly into the pool.  One claimant-one share. There will be penalties for falsely making claims.  Matthew 3-31-2019. 

     Time is of the essence. Some of those having felt the effects of discrimination are still living and since eventually most all Americans will be able to make the above claim of ancestry--just like "everybody has a mother," it's pointless to distribute reparations for past discrimination against women, and so it would be pointless to make a distant future reparation for slavery and genocide because everyone would get a piece.  Matt 3-31-2019

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