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     Our healthcare delivery system in the United States is similar to the education system problem.  There is a near total monopoly and we have the added complication of a trillion dollar insurance industry buying off politicians.  Whenever there is a monopoly, the thing to do is trust bust!  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Let's bust big government healthcare now.

     Liberty is always the best way to trust bust, forget about breaking up conglomerates. Large combinations can not stand alone when liberty is in the room.  First, free up the entry qualifications for practicing medicine.  Second, unchain the judicial suppression by honoring freely signed waivers and tort liability caps.  For those willing to take on risk, the savings will be simply amazing.  Third, citizens will be free to exercise their God given right to self-treatment.

     First, how will we increase the supply of physicians in order to bring down price.  Simple.  We give freedom to EMTs and any patient willing to be treated by them.  It will be legislated: Any certified EMT will be deemed qualified to practice medicine in full.  The patient-physician relationship is totally voluntary.  Competition on less skilled treatments are introduced.  As EMTs become more skilled, they will assume more complex procedures.  Cost pressure is downward.  Just like one doesn't pick the first garage to paint a classic automobile, one asks around and does research on who will be doing work on their "body."  EMT physicians must keep a running total and public post of the number of each procedure they have previously done.  Public disclosure is important.

     Second, to curb extorted physician insurance costs, It will be legislated that every physician will pre-post or hand deliver to the patient before treatment the cost of each service to be provided at multiple levels.          Level 1.  full waiver for malpractice.

                                Level  2.  coverage to $2,000.

                                 Level 3. coverage to $10,000.

                                  Level 4.  coverage to $50,000.

                                   Level 5.  coverage to $200,00.

                                    Level 6.  coverage to $1,000,000.

                                     Level  7. coverage over $1,000,000. 

     These are voluntary associations, a physician may have on offer in a nondiscriminatory way only a few treatments at different liability levels or possibly even one type of treatment at only one insurance level.  Likewise, a patient may find the treatments offered or the price at any one of the particular levels not acceptable and is certainly free to look elsewhere.

     Third, pharmacists will not be allowed to hold back a 30 day supply of medicine or narcotics in stock to any legal adult not deemed mentally ill by a court of law.  Prescriptions will not be necessary for self-medicators.

    In a few short years, the way healthcare is delivered will reduce costs by 80 percent.  Liberty is awesome.  Get used to it. Lusk2020    Matthew Lusk 5/25/19



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