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Mary Jane and Cocaine

     Marijuana, methamphetamines, opioids, cocaine and alcohol are saturated in every State of the United States.  There is no nipping any of these drugs in the bud, a-la Barney Fife.  Use of these drugs are in full blossom.  The time for nipping it in the bud is long past.  A different tactic must be used to save lives.

     Now, people are adults and there are plenty who enjoy their drug use.  Many do not care that use will eventually kill them.  Some people prefer a slow burn of a 50 year drunk, others prefer the shooting star of cocaine.  Either way, users will fight tooth and nail to play their habit, no matter how bad a role model they are to kids or whose house they must rob to get some dope money.

     There has never been a war on drugs.  There has only been a fake war.  People do not die routinely in the electric chair for selling drugs.  There is no war.  The voting public have shown they do not have the guts to fight a real drug war.  Mothers, even mere strangers, will wrap their arms around gesticulating ogres and clamor for leniency because their "angelic babes" didn't really mean it.  Even intelligence agents and sheriffs have been caught trafficking illegal drugs.  Doctors do prescribe legal dope by the boatloads.

     Fifty percent of prison sentences are for drug violations.  Over fifty percent of burglaries are committed by drug users financing their habits.  Many ER visits are by overdosed users.  The costs are staggering. Non drug users pay billions.  Illegal dope profits go to unscrupulous people, some which is used to fund wars causing more damage.

     The time has come to legalize all drugs other than highly weaponized military poisons.  Such legalization will tremendously help out overburdened tax payers.  Out from the shadows, addicts will wake the next generation of young people to the foolish and tragic endpoints of addiction.  Less cash will race off to South America.  The prison industrial complex will be curtailed.

     Marijuana will become extremely cheap, $10 a pound.  Cocaine will go for $2 a rock.  How about an opioid tablet $1, or shoot up some heroin $2.  At these prices, some people will burn out quick and overdose.  Others will hit bottom and change their ways.  There are many overdose deaths right now.  It is likely the death rate will increase short term and it is likely the death rate will steady midterm and will decrease long term.  Part of the money saved from the prison industrial complex can be transferred to treatment facilities.

     There will be no need for gangbangers or Hollywood propagandists glorifying drug culture.  There will be no big profit in it.  Look-it, most all gangbangers are in it for three things 1. money 2. drugs 3. easy women.  There are billions to be made from illegal drug sales. Some dealers are addicts who need to sell drugs to purchase drugs. Women addicts suck like Hoovers, they will suck anybody for drugs.  With the legalization of drugs and prostitution, all three reasons to be a gangbanger are curtailed.  1. The money becomes moot because of cheap drug supply  2. Any cheap job could fuel a habit.  3.  Prostitution would be easily accessible to the would be gangbanger at a reasonable cost. 

     Just think of all those burglaries stopping, all those police officers not being shot at, all those wasted police manhours saved, all the prison cell room and board gone, all the extra court cost gone.  Daddy is no longer in jail.  Daddy has a job.  Mommy is no longer in jail.  Mommy has a job.  Even though drug use is useless and harmful, there are overwhelming benefits to making drugs legal at this time.

     Christ can save the drug user.  It is easier to get help outside of the shadows.

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