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     Sovereignty is very important.  The Declaration of Independence created sovereignty for the United States. It is not the Declaration of Interdependence. The United States does not bow down to united nations or any single foreign nation.  Without Sovereignty, there is no independence.  People desire to be ruled with citizen representatives of their own country, especially people in the United States.  We love our freedom.

     Sovereignty must be protected in four areas:

      1.  Military strength

      2.  Border control     (products and people)

      3.  Judicial purity

      4.  Economic health  (sound banking, tariff trade, light taxes, light regulations, accessible healthcare, accessible education, environmental health)


     There are very real combinations that wish to erode United States sovereignty, weaken it to a point where it can be integrated as one unit into a conglomerate of nations to be ruled by unelected, merely self-appointed officials.  The European Union is one such amalgamation. How's that working out?  British people, French people, German people are desperate to get out of the eroded sovereignty their politicians bound them with.  The European Union and the Euro currency is a cruel, sick tragedy foisted on the backs of their citizens.  God forbid the United States Congress ever sells out  citizens to a North American Union.

      Fascist conspirators are not entirely dumb, they are evil yet short sighted, they only respect temporal force.  They attack United States sovereignty on all fronts.  All four legs on the stool of sovereignty is now being attacked.  Most of the conspirators doing damage to the United States reside in the United States.  Fascist socialism is a very real threat, an ongoing war Americans can not ignore.  It is something fishing or flower gardening will not make disappear.  Only eternal vigilance and bringing conspirators to justice will sustain a free Republic.  Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their Country.

     Fight!  if you don't want to be a slave unit ruled by megalomaniacs under a Fascist new world order.   Matthew 5/25/19

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