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Termite Limits

     Our Campaign supports citizen legislators, not career politicians.  There are plenty of careers in government for dedicated servants, but a legislative position should not be one of them. 

     Legislators allocate trillions of dollars (way to much.)  They must be above corruption, even the appearance of corruption.  The longer a corrupt politician is in office, the more conspirators he recruits and more bribes he extracts.  Ninety percent of incumbents running get re-elected.  It is that hard to displace an office holder, much less an entrenched corrupt one.  For this reason it is important to mandatorily change out office holders in the Senate and House every two terms at a minimum.

     It would be a breath of fresh air to have more private sector workers be elected to Congress.  There is a lot of pain working in the private sector, career politicians just don't know about; one thing is that wet stuff on the brow, another is the aggravation of extra work, hoops, and discriminatory policies favoring special interest campaign donors, another is a tax haircut.  This must stop.  No more career politicians.

     Our Campaign supports no more than two terms for both Senators and House of Representative members.  It is high time we keep fat termites from chewing in to the vitality of our Republic.  Vote Lusk in 2020.  I will not let you down.    Matthew 5/30/19

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